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Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Requirements in Massachusetts

Coverage is required in the state, and four different types of coverage must meet certain minimums in order to comply with the law. Drivers must have $40,000 of coverage per accident for bodily injuries to others, $8,000 per accident for Personal injury Protection (PIP), $40,000 per accident for bodily injury caused by an uninsured motorist, and $5,000 per accident for damage to someone’s else property.

PIP coverage will protect you and passengers in an accident, regardless of who is at fault, but you can still be considered at fault in the state.

Optional Car Insurance

You can purchase car insurance above the minimums to protect your financial assets, and you can purchase coverage to protect your own car as well. Collision coverage will cover damages to your car if losses occur in a collision. Comprehensive coverage will cover damage to your vehicle for things like severe weather. You can also get coverage for rental vehicles, towing, and labor while your vehicle is being repaired. You are not required to have comprehensive or collision coverage in Massachusetts, but if you lease your car or have a loan to pay, you may be required to have it.

Massachusetts Safe Driver Insurance Plan

The SDIP helps decrease car accidents that require unsafe drivers to pay higher insurance premiums and offer discounts to safe drivers. Talk to your insurance agent at Titan Insurance LLC to learn more about this program. Some companies can use this plan or use their own merit-based system to help determine your rates. Under SDIP, you get surcharge points, and the more points you have, the higher the premiums are. Surcharge points can be imposed if you are in an accident and found at fault, if your insurance company pays more than $1,000 on a claim, if you are convicted of a traffic violation, or if you pay for a fine for a traffic violation.

Contact Titan Insurance LLC to get a quote on auto insurance. Our agents can help answer your questions and get you started.

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