Massachusetts Flood Insurance Coverage

Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance

Why Have Flood Insurance?

Many homeowners won’t even think to live in a home without home insurance. While your policy will cover damages, it won't cover damage from floods, and a serious flood can cost thousands of dollars. Flooding is one of the most common natural disasters that can take place in the country, and you aren’t protected from one unless you have a separate flood insurance policy. Flooding doesn’t just happen during heavy rainfall. Flooding can occur after rapid snowmelt due to warmer spring temperatures, and you can experience flooding even when the sun is shining. Flooding is more common than fires and, if you are in a high-risk area, you may have a 26% chance of experience a flood during your 30-year mortgage.

Flood insurance will provide better protection than disaster assistance. Disaster assistance will only occur when the disaster has been federally declared, and many times is just a loan that will be paid back with interest. Considering that the average flood claim is $20,000, without insurance, you could be in financial trouble.

Knowing Your Flood Risk

Knowing your flood risk can help determine how important flood insurance is needed to protect your specific area in Massachusetts. There is an interactive flood impact map that was created by FEMA and the NOAA to help show you the scope and severity of floods that have occurred in your community.

Even if you aren’t in a high flood risk area, you may still want to consider insurance because one-fourth of all flood claims come from moderate to low-risk flood areas.

The National Flood Insurance Program

With the National Flood Insurance Program, it is possible to get federally backed flood insurance in 330 Massachusetts communities through your insurance agent at Titan Insurance LLC.

What You Should Know about Flood Insurance

Flood insurance won’t kick in until you have had your policy for 30 days, so you can’t get insurance as a storm is approaching. Be prepared and know your flood risk and have insurance before you need it.

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