Massachusetts Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance

At Titan Insurance LLC, we write quotes for umbrella insurance to offer you additional liability coverage that goes beyond your standard limits. Our umbrella insurance policies cover you from claims and lawsuits if your standard liability insurance policies reach their limits. We advise our clients to invest in umbrella insurance to protect their assets in Massachusetts. Our agents will come up with the best quote for your needs. Our umbrella insurance policies protect you from risks that may be excluded from your standard liability policies. They include slander, false arrest, and libel. The following are some of the coverage options for our umbrella insurance policies.

Bodily Injury

Our umbrella insurance may compensate you for the extra cost of medical injuries. If you get into an accident that is considered your fault, you may be liable for the medical costs of the affected party. If the medical costs exceed the limits of your standard home or auto insurance, our umbrella insurance may help you pay for them. Such injuries may include injuries from vehicular accidents, dog bites, or customers tripping and falling over loose carpeting on your business property.

Rental Units

If you own rental units, we advise you to invest in our umbrella insurance. The policy protects you from financial losses due to liability claims. If someone gets injured or loses their property in your rental units, you may be legally liable. Our umbrella insurance may help you pay for the legal charges.

Property Damage

If other people damage their property in your home or business property and you are at fault, you may be required to compensate them. If the cost of the property exceeds the limits of your standard insurance policies, our umbrella insurance may help you to cover the extra costs. Examples of such instances include when your child damages valuable property at school, or you get into a collision and damage another person ’s property.

Contact Titan Insurance LLC today to discuss a quote for umbrella insurance in Massachusetts. We can help you better understand the policies and work with you to find the coverage you need.

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